Shick lauches a smoother way to good looking


With its longstanding commitment to promote good grooming among filipino men, Schick lauched its Smoothism Temple’s Shave to Save: A sharing event for a cause last Ma 10, 2015 at Trinoma Activity Center in Quezon City.


Present during the event was Rico Robles, a DJ at Monster Radio TX 93.1, who hosted the Smoothism Temple’s Shave to Save event.


During the event, the brand icon’s Smooth Lee made a stunt to fight Lumpy Bumps and Knick the Knife, who both represented the effects of badly shaved skin. This is part of Shick’s Smoothism campaign, way of life that highlights the importance of de-stressing, looking good, feeling good and doing good.


One of the highlights during the event was the awarding of donations amounting to P100,000 to Life Project 4 Youth, a non-government organization which assists in the social victims of exclusion such as ex-prisoners, street youth, disabled and abused.

“Our partnership with the Life Project 4 Youth allowed us to reach the country’s most vulnerable  men, in which case, the young adults who are beleaguered by traumatic experiences” – Claire Guevarra (OIC Marketing Person of Shick). “We are looking forward to have more activites that will help shape the lives of these men, one shave at a time”.

Smooth Lee started making appearances in various MRT Stations and waiting sheds in Metro Manila before the event took place.Through this cause, he was able encourage  more me to follow his smooth moves towards good grooming.


Shick Eacta 2 is the product highlighted in the event. Schick 2 disposable offers ultra slim twin blade to help shave hard to reach areas, push clean button to help remove debris, and Vita. E lubricating tripsfor smoother shave. Schick Exacta 2 kit has additional Vitamin B benefit.


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