Takbo.ph aid station at milo marathon

Another successful year for milo marathon and yes it’s another successful duty for takbo.ph volunteer’s. July 28,2013 12mn packing up for another marshal duty (kahit walang tulog,..nakikinerbyos..) this time dor a good cause and for the love of running to support those who run 42km on their 1st time and also who run for the first time this year also(2nd timer, elite) i came up on time at chino roces ave at 1:30am 30mins early at the call time (as always).  between km 34 and km 35 in front of caltex station along buendia cor chino roces. we set up  2 table’s  one table full of banana and one  table full of chocolate, candies, sandwiches, eggs and jelly’s.


set up at 3am after breakfast


this is  takbo.ph support booth a not sari sari store


                  a little bit rest and chicka minute while waiting for the runner’s

milo-3                 taking some pic’s while waiting for the runner going to BGC, our group offering some candies, chocolate bars, sakt and banana’s as well.

942447_4660765977119_1122323242_n    “chokolate , candie’s, banana sir/mam, coffee, tapsilog, chicksilog..”


this runner is really enjoying his food’s banana and sandwich.


look who’s the one picking up trash,.. non other than mr.takbo.ph sir jinoe gavan


pahid dito pahid dun.. masahe dito masahe dun… madaming tinigasan ng muscle..


this is my favorite photo among all, a true spirit runner..


sir allan “the last man standing” on duty


pahid pa


support crew from top to bottom


photo ops after a successful duty at km 34. see you again next year

weeeeecheering and waiting for some runner’s to cross the finish line. thank you takbo.ph for this wonderful opportunity see again next year.


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